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Bolnišnica za ženske bolezni in porodništvo Postojna

The father's presence during childbirth

The father-to-be is an ideal childbirth partner as his presence relieves the birthing mother’s stress. The level of trust in the partner is fundamental and exceeds the level of trust in the medical personnel. However, the fact is that not every mother-to-be prefers presence of anyone while giving birth, because she feels to vulnerable around anyone else than necessary medical personnel.

It is also important not to push the person unwilling to attend childbirth (e.g. a father-to-be). The presence at childbirth is beneficial only when the decision is made consciously and happily by both future parents.

If you decide to be at your child’s birth, attend the parent school or learn about the process of giving birth from literature. Having become more familiar about what you can expect, you will feel more confident.

Besides previous preparation, every partner has to adapt his knowledge to the birthing mother:

  • observe the frequency and length of contractions,
  • make sure that she is comfortable,
  • support her when she leans on you,
  • give her a massage, especially on her back and lower back,
  • help her to relax (it is extremely important that she is fully relaxed between two contractions and breathes as steadily as possible),
  • encourage her breathing,
  • moisten her lips and offer her sips of water,
  • maintain eye contact,
  • be gentle, caress her, express her your affection,
  • repeat the instructions of the medical personnel if necessary,
  • show her that you are proud of her, encourage her with optimistic words,
  • do not feel rejected when she refuses your help,
  • stay calm and do not try to become the central figure of the event.

It will be easier for you if you are constantly aware that your help is very much welcomed by your partner and will enable her to keep this experience as a precious memory.

We wish you a wonderful pregnancy, a pleasant childbirth and a healthy child.