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Bolnišnica za ženske bolezni in porodništvo Postojna

Rooming with the child

In our hospital, everything has been done to obtain the title of UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital (the education of all employees was introduced, room capacities provided). However, a decision was made to provide mothers with the opportunity to choose between:

  • part-time rooming, in which the new-born baby shares room with them by day, but from 11 pm to 5 am in the baby section, and
  • full-time rooming, in which the baby shares room with them 24 hours a day.

The aim of the Postojna Maternity Hospital is to have as many breastfed babies as possible, with all help provided. Nevertheless, in our view it is wrong to urge mothers to stay with their baby 24 hours a day if they don’t feel confident enough to do so soon after childbirth.

Therefore, mothers giving birth answer a short questionnaire to define whether they wish part-time or full-time rooming with the baby. Since we know that mothers only want the best for their new-born babies, we know we can trust them.

We are striving to be not only new-born-friendly but also a mother-friendly maternity hospital.

Alenka Pleško Mlakar, MD