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Bolnišnica za ženske bolezni in porodništvo Postojna

Down syndrome test during pregnancy

A nuchal translucency screening test is currently the best method of detecting the chromosomal disorder called Down syndrome. The ultrasound test is used between 11th and 14th weeks of pregnancy (the first trimester) to examine the early morphology of the foetus.

The test performed by internationally licenced ultrasound experts is recommended to all pregnant women, especially those of the age of 35 or more at the child’s birth. The risk of a child being born with Down syndrome (mongolism) increases with the mother’s age.

In our maternity hospital, this test is done on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Pregnant women older than 35 only need a referral, others have to cover the cost of the test (€60) by themselves.

To scheduling patient appointments, call: 05 700 0720

Uršula Reš Muravec, MSc, DM