Our mission

In the field of obstetrics, the professional and safe management of pregnancy and childbirth as well as the alleviation of labour pains are of utmost importance to us.

In the field of gynaecology, all the gynaecology surgical procedures except for extended malignant illnesses are done in our hospital. The number of endoscopic surgical procedures is rising. Up-to-date endoscopic techniques enable quicker recovery, shorter lying-in period, and faster return to domestic and working environments, which represents an outstanding advantage.

In recent years, our programme has been improved with stress-urine incontinence treatment. Innovations have been introduced into the field of diagnostics, infertility treatment and early diagnostics of potential irregularities in pregnancy. The daily number of treatments has been increased by diagnostic hysteroscopy and hysteroscopically-directed biopsy. Our goal is a satisfied patient, successful and pleased employees and the outstanding reputation of the hospital in local and national community.