In this department, new mothers are nursed and treated as well as educated on breast-feeding and the care of the new-born baby. There are 30 beds, 7 three-bed rooms and 5 single or double rooms (for shared accommodation with a partner) there. Single rooms have en suite bathrooms.

In this department, there is one head nurse at your disposal, and the babies are cared for by two other nurses.

Remember that the decision about staying with your child is yours and you can express your wish immediately after the delivery.

The delivery section

There are four delivery rooms in the delivery section, one of them is for water labour. All the beds can be set for giving birth in the sitting position, each one is equipped with devices for monitoring contractions, the child’s heart beat and CTG (wireless recordings as well). Furthermore, simultaneous recording of twins is possible as well as monitoring the mother’s vital functions.

Right next to the delivery rooms, there is an operating theatre and an intensive postoperative care unit (after C-section).

The operation section, the four delivery rooms and the intensive care room represent a unit in the first floor, on the left. All major gynaecological and labour surgical procedures are performed here. We use endoscopic operation techniques (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy), as well as more standard techniques; the anaesthesia can be general or regional.

All patients are monitored and treated in the intensive room care after major procedures, as well as new mothers with serious internal illnesses and mothers after C-sections. They stay here from one to three days.

The delivery section is the heart of our maternity hospital. Here, babies are born, and here we share the happiest moments in parents’ lives.