Childbirth with epidural analgesia

Local analgesia can provide effective pain relief during delivery, i.e. prevent the unfavourable effects of stressful reactions to it. It is the most efficient method of alleviating labour pain whereby considerate relief is achieved with various combinations of local anaesthetics and opioids injected through a thin catheter into the lumbar part of the spinal canal, into the epidural and/or cerebrospinal area. It does not affect the consciousness of the patient who can, therefore, take an active part at the labour. Local anaesthetics with opioid analgesics can be injected regularly if the effect of the former dose is decreased, or they can be given by ongoing intravenous infusion with a special pump.

The effect of local analgesia on the foetus is beneficial, only small quantities of local anaesthetic or opiate come into the foetus’ blood circuit, so that its effect is clinically unmeasurable.

Local analgesia techniques can essentially alleviate labour pain for 9 of 10 patients.