Delivery at the midwifery house

Our hospital offers the opportunity for a more natural delivery in the comfortable environment of a family suite. You can take advantage of this environment to prepare for the delivery and the delivery itself, but you can also share it with your closest persons after the delivery.

In order to get to know you better and to meet your requests more easily, you are invited to talk to a midwife and to pay a visit to the midwifery house a month before the estimated time of delivery. You do not need to book your visit.

We share your desire to make the delivery your most beautiful experience.


Due to the Covid situation the reservation of the midwifery house isn’t possible at the moment.

Future mothers are increasingly thinking about birth at home. We want to meet their requests and help them, so in April 2011 we opened a midwifery house in our hospital. It consists of two units:

  • a home unit where the mother, with her family, can stay in the first days after giving birth, and
  • a birth unit, where the woman gives birth. We have attempted to make this as comfortable as home.

If the woman decides to give birth in the birth house, the pregnancy has to be perfectly normal for her and her baby. She has to be physically and psychologically fit as well as patient, because such labour usually takes longer. Moreover, she has to be capable of getting into a standing position, or moving during the contractions. Birth at the midwifery house is entirely natural. Natural methods of relieving pain and stimulating contractions are used including massage, movement, changing positions (with a ball or a pillow), standing position, resting in a swimming pool, showering, etc.

The birth bed allows different positions of labour, including sitting, kneeling, on hands and knees, on one’s side and more. It is possible to give birth in water or on the pillow with the support of the rope. During labour, we constantly monitor the baby’s pulse (telemetry), which also facilitates movement around the room. The woman in birth is accompanied by her own midwife throughout labour. The midwife takes care that the woman in birth is well settled in the home unit of the apartment three hours after the birth.

Advantages of the birth at the midwifery house are:

  • a natural way of labour,
  • being relaxed in a peaceful environment resembling home,
  • the presence of a midwife throughout labour,
  • labour positions adjusted to each individual woman.

Giving birth at the midwifery house is not recommended in case of:

  • green amniotic fluid,
  • the child in breech position,
  • multiple pregnancies (e.g. twins),
  • premature or too small child,
  • C-section,
  • mother’s illness (diabetes, heart diseases, epilepsy, after operations of the uterus),
  • pre-eclampsia, eclampsia,
  • bleeding (low position of the placenta),
  • hepatitis B and C and HIV virus infection.

At the midwifery house, you and your baby can use you own clothes or hospital clothes. Food is served in the room, water and tea are available throughout the day.

If you decide to give birth in water, you have to have a regular blood test done, plus blood results of HIV and hepatitis C tests.
It is preferred that you make your birth plan based on consultation with the midwife one month before the anticipated date of delivery.
The midwife or the obstetrician can decide that the delivery continue in the regular birth room of the maternity unit.